September 14

100WC Week #1 (19)

Like always, well not like always I’m arguing with my brother about what colour the icing on the cake should be. We’re saying but what colour should it be, but what colour should it be over and over again. What colour do you think it should be? Wait, I still need to tell you what the cake is even for and and who it’s for and everything!! First It’s for my cousin and it’s going to be a unicorn cake. I keep on saying her favourite colour is blue but he keeps on saying her favourite colour is pink!!!!


September 9

100WC Week #1 (19)

Like always, I’m walking the street with my dog. Your guessing I saw something, didn’t you. You just got roasted!!!!!! Actually nah, your right. Now you just have to guess what I saw because you were right to tell the truth. Please don’t read the rest if you get scared by the smallest things on earth. Yep, I saw 2 hands holding a ginormous nail. It was being held right next to my head!!! IT WAS TOUCHING MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS ALSO TOUCHING MY DOG’S HEAD!!!!!! Then I saw a big finger move. It was so scary it’s not funny!        JK!!

July 25

100WC Special Prompt #1 (18)

So, as i looked over the edge i saw the cutest little stray puppies and I knew I couldn’t just let them go away like that. I went to the bottom of the bridge and picked them up. there was 3 little pups there and I took them to the vet just to make sure that they didn’t belong to any one and fortunately they didn’t belong to any one. I was jumping out of my skin. I think it was the happiest time of my life. It really couldn’t get any better. I had the best time of my life  

June 21


Ok you may be wondering what happened today, there was this girl called Amelia but however she couldn’t believe what she had done. In a way it was nearly a CRAZY story. Let’s get started on what happened today, there is this one boy that drives ever body craaaaaaaaaaaaazy! And his name is………………. No one knows, he is new. And today he locked all the girls in the bathroom, he stuck a stick in the door. She was so angry when she got out that she decided to lock him in all night, he is still in there right now…………………

June 20

100WC Week#36 (18)

OK this is a crazy story, you might not believe me but you have to trust me. It is the best story you would have ever heard so please listen to me. OK I think you are going to listen now, aren’t you! So one day I was just walking down the street and then my dog just started yelping and I am like what on earth are you yelping at and then I saw a man holding the weirdest gun I have ever seen and he was pointing it straight at me. BAM! that was a very good JOKE!

May 30

100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

The itch!

OK you may be wondering what this is but I think you’ll want to hear it. Lets get started! So I was just casually walking down at the park with dog and my dog wasn’t doing any harm in ANY way to these kids and was NOT barking at them. Then all of a sudden they brutally started throwing these weird itchy things at me.They were really spiky and then they yelled at me Ha, Ha, Ha you just got itched! Then they ran off. OK you might not of wanted to hear this but I thought It was interesting.

May 30

100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

The nightmare!

Good night mum! Oh, hello there, why are you here?! Oh yeah, you’re here so I can tell you the story aren’t you?! OK I’ll hurry up and tell the story. So last night it was crazy and I was like what on earth am I doing in this horrid jungle and then this zombie comes up to me and goes like we’re hunting through a noisy jungle. I’m like who are you and he’s like I’m your best friend, He smacks me and I wake up I found out it was all a dream. What just happened?

May 30

100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

The new kid I had to sit next to in class today!

Hello folks, welcome to today’s story about the new kid in class I had to sit next to today. First thing you need to learn about him is that he is the worst kid in school at the moment and when I say worst I mean the worst. He spat on my work!  He also copied my work so I told the teacher and he said but I didn’t understand the instructions and somehow he got away with it and I was like exactly what just happened then!