May 11

Books are better than T.V.

I think amazing books are better than boring T.V. because f you forget something in a book you can just go back but on T.V. you can’t go back, also if you are staring at a screen for to long you might get a head-ace. Last but not least there is all different types of goners of amazing books that you can read!

My first reason why I think exiting books are better than boring T.V. is that sometimes you are watching and you find something interesting so you try to remember and then you forget but you cant go back but when you are reading  a book you can just go back a couple of pages. Don’t you hate that happening to you when you are watching T.V.? once I found something really interesting when I was watching T.V. and i was just about to tell some one and then annoyingly I forgot! Sometimes you might forget something for school and then you can’t tell the teacher what you wanted to say. That happened to me once and I got really annoyed.

My second reason I think incredible books are better than boring T.V. is that sometimes you watch to much T.V. and you start to get a migraine or a head-ace and most of the time migraines stay for a very long time. Aren’t they annoying?! when ever I watch T.V. it happens to me. And sometimes fantastic reading is just the thing to do and nothing like head-aces or migraines happen and I am glad I prefer reading to watching T.V. because I really don’t like that happening to me.

My last reason why I think amazing book are better than boring books is that when you read you can all different types of books and when you are watching T.V your favourite show might not be on at the time and it might be a very late show witch is very annoying and you aren’t allowed to watch it on school nights, only on weekends also T.V. is way shorter than books so they keep you occupied for way longer.

Some times on T.V. you forget something and you can’t go back and then you you might be staring at a screen for to long and you start to not feel well or you get a head-ace or even a migraine witch is one of the worst things possible to get and when you are reading a book you can read different types of goners and on T.V. it isn’t always like that. Sometimes your favourite show might not be on at the moment and that is why I think books are better than T.V.!

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  1. Brett Stewart

    Hi Sophie,

    I think the ideas you’ve mentioned in your persuasive text are great! I like how you used examples to support your argument, like how annoying it is when you forget something when you’re watching TV and can’t go back to check it. Next time you could make your persuasive text even better if you edit it for spelling and punctuation mistakes before publishing.



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