May 30

100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

The nightmare!

Good night mum! Oh, hello there, why are you here?! Oh yeah, you’re here so I can tell you the story aren’t you?! OK I’ll hurry up and tell the story. So last night it was crazy and I was like what on earth am I doing in this horrid jungle and then this zombie comes up to me and goes like we’re hunting through a noisy jungle. I’m like who are you and he’s like I’m your best friend, He smacks me and I wake up I found out it was all a dream. What just happened?

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1 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

  1. Dalia

    Hi Sophie.
    I loved how you used strong leads like dialogue, action and rhetorical questions. I do think you should mabey use the word “like” a little less so it doesn’t get repetitive.
    What was the prompt? I didn’t do this one but I would like to. Could you please email me the prompt or tell me at school? Thanks 🙂


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