May 30

100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

The itch!

OK you may be wondering what this is but I think you’ll want to hear it. Lets get started! So I was just casually walking down at the park with dog and my dog wasn’t doing any harm in ANY way to these kids and was NOT barking at them. Then all of a sudden they brutally started throwing these weird itchy things at me.They were really spiky and then they yelled at me Ha, Ha, Ha you just got itched! Then they ran off. OK you might not of wanted to hear this but I thought It was interesting.

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3 thoughts on “100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

  1. lucinda2018

    Good job on the 100WC! I liked the way you put all that info, in just 100 words. The negative is that maybe you could put a bit more and take some out. But otherwise, all good!😋

  2. dalia2018

    Hi Sophie. I really liked your 100WC this week. I liked how you used a lot of cool adjectives like brutally, interesting, weird, itchy and spiky with only 100 words. I do think you should double check your grammar because I found a sentence that I didn’t think really made sense: I was just casually walking down at the park WITH DOG. I think you could’ve, instead of writing that I think you could’ve wrote: I was just casually walking down at the park with MY dog. I think that makes more sense. besides that I think you did a fantastic job and that you story was amazing.


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