November 29


laughing. crying. jumping. yeah, that’s me, really! well obviously not this dog but I think you get it. also did you know I went to the museum today. oh and yeah. that is what I meant to tell you so I saw a sculpture with a dog pulling a funny face and yes I would be embarrassed if I was the sculpture. and then I saw some people standing next to it and yes again they had a dog. but then I  realised what was really happening here and I think I nearly wet my pants, it was so funny, do you get why?

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November 29


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So, you know what a dolphin is, right? Well I suspect you do because pretty much every one has heard of it. So today i was at the beach and i think I saw something make history, but you won’t believe me. well I hope you don’t any way because I don’t like attention so, Yeah. still I have to tell you this because it’s part of my home work. boring, I know, not my fault. But let’s get on with the story. i was at the beach just like i told you. there was a cow inside of a dolphins body. CREEPY!
November 28

100WC week #12

so, you think am am walking down the street, yeah?

 you are wrong! this time i am walking around the footy oval. well you could also call it a creepy patch of grass with a creepy path that leads some where and also the place has posts sticking out of the ground. good ‘eh’. thank you for the round of applause, you can stop now if you want but you can also keep clapping, and yes i did just teleport to the path. i have also already taken 2 steps in and there is a bike sticking out of a tree……………………………………………………………………………

November 28

100WC Week #12-we seemed to be on the television

As usual i am walking down the street, BUT! not an ordinary street. Have you remembered me because i am not the person you think i am? I am a master mind, and i know what you are thinking about right now……… You are thinking about Mc’donalds happy meals because are good alright. Wait, don’t go now the show hasn’t even started yet, not like it’s over. let’s get back on topic. So, i was walking down the street and as you know it was not an ordinary street. me and my dog, we seemed to be on the television…………………………………….

November 9

poem of friendship

you were my friend but you started to be rude because you weren’t in the right mood

you could have been some ones love but in the end you were a rock dove

you blame it on me like you aim it on me

i can’t do it any more but you can do it many more

you argue and apparently every thing I say is boo

I try to understand you but it just falls like a bag of sand

I’ve worked my best but you just haven’t guessed

 inspired by Ella diaries

November 8

poem of friendship

you were my friend then you started to bend

we were cool then you started to drool

it was kind of fun but then your hair was in a bun

you were nice then you were cool as ice

i saw fire in your eyes but then our friendship dies

your learning goal is to not fall in to a hole and that is your learning goal

inspired by dork diaries

November 2


we were friends

then it ends

and then I said

I was sorry


you said I don’t except

never again

and then you ignore me


pretending that I don’t exist

convincing everyone I’m cold blooded witch

but I still have feelings

yeah really


but your madness  inspires me

to be the best that I can be

even though you talk behind my back

even though your talking trash

your blaming everyone inspires me

stop playing this game and talk to me

even though your mean

you inspire meeeeeeeee






November 1


just go to the storm and then you go through the storm and then you go to the rain forest, in the rain forest there is lots of cane toads and there is a load of brains in the rain