December 9


the present had arrived but no one knew yet, it was the one they had been waiting for but they thought it was one of Amelia’s older brother Zac’s science project stuff so they couldn’t be bothered to get it so, they just waited for Zac to get it. But the thing is is that Zac knew it wasn’t his but he wanted to know what Amelia’s present was so he took it. So, you see it was 2011 so the iPhone 5 had just been invented. he opened it. he saw it. it was never seen again. that was not good.



December 7

Week#13 100WC but they were exausted

The three children bolted trough the forest as fast as a lightning bolt. The wolfs were catching up. They needed to climb a tree but they were exhausted and couldn’t climb the whole way. it was a tragedy. and probably the death of them. finally they found a good tree to climb. the oldest Alice climbed up and the middle child Jack hoisted the the baby Millie who was kicking and screaming up in to Alice’s hands. AS Jack was scrambling up one of the wolfs grabbed him and pulled him back down and that is how  the furious battle began.

December 5


are flowers pretty or what. oh, and the funniest thing happened to me last night. i had the funniest dream on earth, and was abut this yellow gorilla running in to this wall of bricks and it went like this.

so as you can see there was this yellow gorilla and as you all know that is not normal because isn’t i obvious. well i was laughing my head off all night long i don’t thinking i ever stopped laughing. i could have gone on for ever and ever. oh, sorry gotta go, my mum is calling me for dinner