February 26

100wc rewrite

so I know this one girl and she thinks that she can get what ever she wants and one day she was walking down the side of the road.  On the other side of the road she saw a really big teddy bear and she wanted it so much and then she screamed at her mum because she didn’t let her cross the road to get it. When they got home it was time to open the the presents because it was her birthday. It was her last present and she still hadn’t got the bear. she opened it, guess what it was!

February 11

……..it was completely out of tune……………..

so i really need to be prepared for this really important , biggest in the world, the most important thing in my life and it’s tomorrow and i only got my music yesterday and i only got my violin today. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW HARD IT IS TO READ THE VIOLIN NOTES!!!!!! its harder than any other instrument. well at least that’s my opinion. i have only got until 9 o’clock and it is 8 o’clock at the moment!


the next morning


My practice last night sounded horrible……………    guess what…………….    we just got here

                                     time to play

it was completely out of tune