February 11

……..it was completely out of tune……………..

so i really need to be prepared for this really important , biggest in the world, the most important thing in my life and it’s tomorrow and i only got my music yesterday and i only got my violin today. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW HARD IT IS TO READ THE VIOLIN NOTES!!!!!! its harder than any other instrument. well at least that’s my opinion. i have only got until 9 o’clock and it is 8 o’clock at the moment!


the next morning


My practice last night sounded horrible……………    guess what…………….    we just got here

                                     time to play

it was completely out of tune

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1 thoughts on “……..it was completely out of tune……………..

  1. libby2016

    Firstly, Sophie, I’m getting a headache with this flashing screen. Can you turn it off… please!
    I love the ideas you had for this piece – but the punctuation (or lack of) has really made it difficult to read. There is really no use of capital letters (except for when you are showing frustration – which is well done), and it is nearly all one great, big, long sentence. When you are trying to show how anxious you are at the start, lots of short sentences would have worked really well. Next time I expect better use of punctuation.


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