March 26

100WC prompt …I was so cross that…

Today I was so cross that I nearly broke my drumstick ( obviously the music not the food because…… I don’t know why but you get what I mean) because my brother pranked me and I got so annoyed it is not funny. HE MADE ME FALL IN CAT POOP! So this is how it went, he distracted me by putting up a picture on the wall then he made me trip on a piece of string then I fell into the cat poop that he put in front of me. But he did get told off big time.


March 4


As I was walking down the street to drop off my letter I had a sinking feeling inside as if something bad was going to happen. I guess I was wrong, I found 5 coins just laying on the pavement in front of me. But then I realised what they really were, they were bolts that had just popped out of the ladder beside me. But then I found myself covered in red paint and a big bump on my head from the ladder. I think I kind of jinxed myself. Well, I guess I will have to write another letter.