May 1


”Hey mum!” Maya yells as her and Ashley come out of their tent. ”What?” mum replies. ”What happened last night?!” questioned Ashley. Then mum looked around and saw what was left of the beautiful valley and her mouth dropped. Then we realised how lucky we were to have chosen to set up our tent in the cave because of the storm. Then I suddenly thought about Alice who’s family had wanted to set up their tent under the stars but where are they? There was only broken branches and mud where their campsight had been. Then I heard a noise……………

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3 thoughts on “100wc

  1. libby2016

    Well done Sophie. Great response to this picture prompt.
    Check out the different meaning of site and sight. Which one is correct, campsight or campsite?

  2. annie2018

    Well done Sophie.
    I like how you left me on a cliff hanger. It made me make up my own ending. Did the Alice family survive?

  3. Deylan Stopford

    It was very mysterious and scary like what happened to Alice’s family? It also ends on a cliff hanger. Good job I really like it.


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