May 27

100WC Rose Scooter Excitedly Transparent Late

Mum dad whats the time! Sadie yells as she is hurrying to get ready for school. All of a sudden Sadie grabs her scooter and realises how late she will be. she hurls through the house and starts rushing down the road on her scooter. It’s all ready  9.05 and school starts at 9.00.

Miss Rose I’m hear, Sadie exclaims as she rushes into the room. Miss Rose excitedly turns to the class and realises that it is the first time the whole class has been at school on one day. this day has been very transparent as well as very tiring.

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3 thoughts on “100WC Rose Scooter Excitedly Transparent Late

  1. jennifer2018

    Hi Sophie, I really like the way the teacher got exited just because the whole class was there. Good job! I think you might need to edit your work because there is some grammar things you need to fix up. Apart from that it is really good!

  2. hanna2017

    Hi Sophie,
    I thought that this story was really good. I really liked how you put the story in the present and not in the past and how you used words like hurl. There were a few parts where you missed some punctuation, but other than that, I loved it!
    – Hanna

  3. callum2017

    Hi Sophie,
    I liked your story. There were a few mistakes like you forgot to add talking marks but other than that I really liked it.


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