August 15

100 WC As I turned my head the world spun

All of a sudden my head starts to spin, it doesn’t stop. I can hardly stand. I see some people running, I try to look over but as I turn my head the world spins. As I touch my face I feel that it is damp, and slimy, sticky and  disgusting. I try to open my eyes, but I’m covered in slobber. I clean my my eyes and open to a brand new puppy. I am so exited. I was sort of bothered about the slobber before but not any more because I don’t really care, its a puppy!

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August 8

Science Night Moonee ponds primary 14/8/19 6 o’clock to seven o’clock

I think that you should come to Moonee ponds primary science night because it will teach you some pretty cool things. At the science night the 5/6 s will be showing you some our ideas of how to stop space debris and also try to encourage you to help stop it too. The the 3/4 s and 1/2 s will be showing you some interesting facts and projects about the moon as well to it is Nasa’s 5oth anniversary. There will be some cool hands on activity’s that you can do. please come along to the celebration and don’t forget to bring your binoculars!