October 19

100WC week #6 (19)

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG i just cant get these silly thoughts out of my head and i am about to scream to my mum and brother and dad and soory i don’t know how to spell correctly and i don’t know how to use grammar but don’t blame me! Oh yeah i forgot to tell you the words before i went rage. But here  you go I wasn’t allowed to have a bath and i danced clumsily and i hate oranges and i really don’t know why i said fighter. OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now what do i do?!!!!!!

June 21


Ok you may be wondering what happened today, there was this girl called Amelia but however she couldn’t believe what she had done. In a way it was nearly a CRAZY story. Let’s get started on what happened today, there is this one boy that drives ever body craaaaaaaaaaaaazy! And his name is………………. No one knows, he is new. And today he locked all the girls in the bathroom, he stuck a stick in the door. She was so angry when she got out that she decided to lock him in all night, he is still in there right now…………………

June 20

100WC Week#36 (18)

OK this is a crazy story, you might not believe me but you have to trust me. It is the best story you would have ever heard so please listen to me. OK I think you are going to listen now, aren’t you! So one day I was just walking down the street and then my dog just started yelping and I am like what on earth are you yelping at and then I saw a man holding the weirdest gun I have ever seen and he was pointing it straight at me. BAM! that was a very good JOKE!

May 30

100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)

The new kid I had to sit next to in class today!

Hello folks, welcome to today’s story about the new kid in class I had to sit next to today. First thing you need to learn about him is that he is the worst kid in school at the moment and when I say worst I mean the worst. He spat on my work!  He also copied my work so I told the teacher and he said but I didn’t understand the instructions and somehow he got away with it and I was like exactly what just happened then!