June 17


I wake up to realise that all my siblings are gone, I start to panic and think about all the things that could have happened to them then I start to panic even more. But then I realise that that would never have happened because they wouldn’t be able to get out of the room that fast. All of a sudden I remember something that makes me want to scream, I jump up and get dressed as fast as I can. I run down stairs to see my family waiting for me with a giant present with domino wrapping paper.

June 17


I think you did really good because you made it relate to the real world and also I think it would be really good if you could make a second story to it because I think that lot of people would like to hear a second story to it. One question I have, was the shop in the real world or in the game? But otherwise good job!

I think you have done a really good job with making the reader wanting to read the rest of the story because it makes you want to know what happens next, and when you make the hat disappear and then come back, you could even try to make a second part to it and make a series because I think a lot of people would want to know what happens next. Good job!

I think that you did a really good job because you left us in suspense at the end and made us want to keep on reading, so then we want to read more of your stories. Good job!

at the start of the story I like how you used adjectives and then that led to me wanting to read more, I also like how you gave us a cliffhanger and it would be even better if you made a second series of it because lots of people wold want to know what happens next. Good job!

May 27

100WC Rose Scooter Excitedly Transparent Late

Mum dad whats the time! Sadie yells as she is hurrying to get ready for school. All of a sudden Sadie grabs her scooter and realises how late she will be. she hurls through the house and starts rushing down the road on her scooter. It’s all ready  9.05 and school starts at 9.00.

Miss Rose I’m hear, Sadie exclaims as she rushes into the room. Miss Rose excitedly turns to the class and realises that it is the first time the whole class has been at school on one day. this day has been very transparent as well as very tiring.

May 2

banning plastic bags- against

I don’t think the supermarkets should have banned plastic bags. I think they have tried to distract people from their bad decision by bringing in stikeezs and re-usable bags. Also when you forget your bags you just have to pay more money to buy more bags so personally I think none of it really makes a difference.

First of all I think that they should not have banned plastic bags because they just started to bring in little shops, stikeezs and tiles while they were making the decision to ban plastic bags. So basically they were just making more plastic plus the re-usable bags. Have you ever realised how much plastic they use when they are doing stikeezs, little shops and tiles? Because if you think about it is actually more than you think.

My other reason is when you forget your bags you just buy more and waste more money on buying bags and it could make a big difference. At the moment some have said as few as 3 percent of reusable bags are actually being reused so how does that make you feel and people are spending 11 million dollars every year on re-usable bags. And also if you buy too much bags you eventually will have too many bags and you won’t want to chuck them in the bin because otherwise they might go into the sea. You don’t want that to happen, right? And when people complain about pollution they still make lots of it when they are making the reusable bags and everyone thinks that it has actually made a difference when it hasn’t.

My third reason why I think they should not have banned plastic bags is because now that they have brought in reusable bags people like using them so much that they take them everywhere and then they leave them at the beach and other places. This then then causes a similar amount of pollution to that caused by the old plastic bags. Therefore it doesn’t really make a difference to the environment.

Now overall these are some of the main reasons why I think they should not have banned plastic bags. They brought in stikeezs and all that sort of stuff and then also when people forget their bags they just have to buy more and it creates more plastic and wastes your money. Last but not least people crave their reusable plastic bags and then they take them everywhere and forget them. So that is why I think that they should not have banned plastic bags.

February 26

100wc rewrite

so I know this one girl and she thinks that she can get what ever she wants and one day she was walking down the side of the road.  On the other side of the road she saw a really big teddy bear and she wanted it so much and then she screamed at her mum because she didn’t let her cross the road to get it. When they got home it was time to open the the presents because it was her birthday. It was her last present and she still hadn’t got the bear. she opened it, guess what it was!

December 9


the present had arrived but no one knew yet, it was the one they had been waiting for but they thought it was one of Amelia’s older brother Zac’s science project stuff so they couldn’t be bothered to get it so, they just waited for Zac to get it. But the thing is is that Zac knew it wasn’t his but he wanted to know what Amelia’s present was so he took it. So, you see it was 2011 so the iPhone 5 had just been invented. he opened it. he saw it. it was never seen again. that was not good.



December 7

Week#13 100WC but they were exausted

The three children bolted trough the forest as fast as a lightning bolt. The wolfs were catching up. They needed to climb a tree but they were exhausted and couldn’t climb the whole way. it was a tragedy. and probably the death of them. finally they found a good tree to climb. the oldest Alice climbed up and the middle child Jack hoisted the the baby Millie who was kicking and screaming up in to Alice’s hands. AS Jack was scrambling up one of the wolfs grabbed him and pulled him back down and that is how  the furious battle began.

December 5


are flowers pretty or what. oh, and the funniest thing happened to me last night. i had the funniest dream on earth, and was abut this yellow gorilla running in to this wall of bricks and it went like this.

so as you can see there was this yellow gorilla and as you all know that is not normal because isn’t i obvious. well i was laughing my head off all night long i don’t thinking i ever stopped laughing. i could have gone on for ever and ever. oh, sorry gotta go, my mum is calling me for dinner


November 29


laughing. crying. jumping. yeah, that’s me, really! well obviously not this dog but I think you get it. also did you know I went to the museum today. oh and yeah. that is what I meant to tell you so I saw a sculpture with a dog pulling a funny face and yes I would be embarrassed if I was the sculpture. and then I saw some people standing next to it and yes again they had a dog. but then I  realised what was really happening here and I think I nearly wet my pants, it was so funny, do you get why?

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November 29


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So, you know what a dolphin is, right? Well I suspect you do because pretty much every one has heard of it. So today i was at the beach and i think I saw something make history, but you won’t believe me. well I hope you don’t any way because I don’t like attention so, Yeah. still I have to tell you this because it’s part of my home work. boring, I know, not my fault. But let’s get on with the story. i was at the beach just like i told you. there was a cow inside of a dolphins body. CREEPY!